Camp Events



Keeping all your Fingers and Toes

  • Importance of being safe
  • How to be safe with tools and machinery

Lego Project

  • Communications in a team
  • Construction

The World of AND/OR/NOT

  • Logical thinking in Logic Gates
  • Looking at how things work

Electricity and Science Projects

  • Basic chemistry
  • Basic electronics
  • Recognizing science inside technology


  • Programming in RobotC, NXTG or EV3
  • Understanding programming and logic flow

Drafting and Design

  • Solidworks - drafting
  • Rhino3D and laser cutter
  • Comfortable with using dimensions and math to produce a product

Binary as a Second Language

  • Math and logic
  • Comfort with math

Computer Hardware

  • More comfort working with computers
  • Understanding the mechanics of “how”

Computer Software

  • Gain confidence in computer programming abilities
  • HTML
  • Java

Electronic Bling

  • Familiarity with electronic elements
  • Comfortable being with technology
  • Boost confidence

STEM Cooking

  • Electronics in cooking
  • Science and chemistry in cooking